The life of a hospice volunteer
In these brief but heartfelt videos, hospice volunteers share why they volunteer in:

1) Kibby: Community Volunteer Visitor since 1985

2) Paul and JoAnn: Kitchen, Garden and Reception Volunteers

3) Amy: Event Committee Volunteer

4) Tracey and Igor: Pet Therapy Volunteers through St. John's Ambulance

5) Cheryl: Volunteer Receptionist, Community Volunteer Visitor, Direct Support Volunteer and Therapeutic Touch Volunteer

6) Fred: Housekeeping Volunteer

7) Paul: Volunteer Therapist Offering Reflexology and Reiki

Paul Jubenville - Volunteer Reflexology

Watch Fred's story >>

Fred Febrarro - Volunteer Housekeeping

Watch Cheryl's story >>

Cheryl - Volunteer Visitor, Volunteer Reception, Therapeutic Touch, and Volunteer Visitor at St. Joseph's Hospice

Watch Tracey and Igor's story >>

Tracey Silverthorn and Igor Pug Dog - St. John Ambulance Therapy Volunteers

Watch Amy's story >>

Amy Gibbons - Handbags for Hospice Chair

Watch Paul and JoAnn's story >>

JoAnn and Paul Kristoferson - Hospice kitchen volunteers

Watch Kibby's story >>

Kibby Brooks - Hospice Volunteer for thirty years


St. Joseph’s Hospice is extremely grateful and humbled by the generosity of the over 300 volunteers that have contributed over 16,700 hours in the last fiscal year.

My sincere thank you to each of you for volunteering with Hospice.  Each and every one of  you make a difference and a contribution to the circle of care that we provide.  I am proud, privileged and very grateful to be part of an organization that has been around for over 30 years and has provided exceptional services because of our volunteers.  You inspire me every day at the dedication, commitment, compassion, love, hope, peace, sincerity and joy you bring to the lives of others.
---Carla McDonald, Volunteer Services Coordinator