Thank you for raising $26,200 in five minutes for Hospice.

We can now purchase a new hydraulic stretcher chair for our residential hospice, as well as new commodes with the money raised beyond the price of the chair.

Stretcher Chair

The Case for the Chair:

Our residential hospice has much more to offer than the individual suites: a scenic outdoor terrace, a home-like communal Great Room to enjoy each other’s company, a bistro, living room, wellness centre and community room. For some of our residents, getting out of bed is not possible, but with a new mobile stretcher chair, these residents can enjoy the other areas of Hospice by having more independence and mobility while maintaining their dignity and comfort.

Thank you to Dr. Brian Taylor for sharing his personal story at Four Elements for Hospice: EARTH 2016. Thank you also to Hospice Residential Services Director Wendy Boyle,  Auctionista Linda Leja and everyone who donated to this important cause.