Grief and Bereavement Support Groups
To register for any of the groups or services below, please call 519-931-3474.

H.E.A.L. Helping Each other Acknowledge, Accept and Learn from Loss


H.E.A.L. Helping Each Other Acknowledge, Accept and Learn from Loss is a bereavement support group providing individuals with a caring environment to share their grief story.

Expressive Arts Group, a support group for the bereaved  

Expressive Arts is a bereavement support group offering a way to explore the grief process through creative activities.

Step by Step, Walking Group for the Bereaved  

Step by Step is a calm walking group for the bereaved. Participants walk for 50 minutes in nature and enjoy coffee and conversation afterward.  

Practicing Self-Compassion

Practicing Self-Compassion is a bereavement support group focusing on the importance of self-care and compassion ~ body and heart. 

Teen 2 Teen

Teen 2 Teen is an interactive bereavement support program for teens who have experienced a significant death in their lives and would benefit from additional support. 

Camp Caring for Kids

Camp Caring for Kids is a bereavement camp for children aged 6-13 who have experienced a death of a loved one. The camp offers children an opportunity to connect with other grieving children, while being guided by specially trained staff and volunteers. Support is provided through group sharing activities, games and artistic expression.  

Step by Step Mindfulness Walk

Step by Step
Teen Day 2015

Teen 2 Teen
Children's Camp

Kids Camp Butterfly Release

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