Community Education
At St. Joseph's Hospice, our Grief and Bereavement staff are pleased to answer any questions about what to expect when you or your loved one is dying. Responding to the educational requests from the community, we also host a variety of events open to the public (at no cost) throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Supporting Children & Teens Through Grief

Monday, August 21, 2017
7 p.m.  -  8:30 p.m.
London Public Library
Central Branch
Stephenson Hunt Room
(Citi Plaza - 251 Dundas St.)

This community educational event is designed for parents, family members, teachers, clinicians, volunteers and community members who are interested in learning more about how children and youth grieve and how to support them. There is no charge to attend this event and RSVP is not required - arrive early to ensure you get a seat!

Parking is available in the underground Citi Plaza London parking lot. You may enter the parking lot via Wellington, York, Clarence or King Street. To validate your parking during library hours, for up to 2 hours, please present your parking stub and London Public Library Card to the staff at the Welcome Desk or the Lending Services Desk.

What will be Covered:

  • Children’s grief: how their grief differs from adults and how to support them
  • Teen's grief: how their grief differs from adults and how to support them
  • Needs of grieving children and youth
  • Explaining death to children
  • Talking to children and youth about illness 


Orley Culverhouse, MSW

Orley Culverhouse is the Caring Hearts Children’s Program Coordinator 
at St. Joseph’s Hospice Sarnia.  Her work at St. Joseph’s Hospice includes supporting children/youth and their families facing a terminal illness or death of a loved one, as well residents of the hospice and their families. Orley received training on working with grieving children under Andrea Warnick.