Community Education
At St. Joseph's Hospice, our Grief and Bereavement staff are pleased to answer any questions about what to expect when you or your loved one is dying. Responding to the educational requests from the community, we also host and share a variety of events open to the public (at no cost) throughout the year.

Upcoming Community Events

Riverside United Church is hosting a speakers series on topics related to grief and loss. Join part, or all, of the free of charge sessions open to anyone in the community.

Where: Riverside United Church (695 Riverside Drive, London, ON N6H 3G9)
When: 7 p.m. on the following dates

Tuesday, February 6
Grief, Coping with Grief, and Supporting Someone Who is Grieving
Presentation by Dr. Darcy Harris, King's University College 

Tuesday, February 13
Finding Supports and Resources for Grief
Presentation by Daniel Lockwood, Director of Programming, Wellspring London

Tuesday, February 20
Helping Bereaved Parents with Their Unique Needs
Presentation by Cathy Walsh, Associate Director of Bereaved Families of Ontario

Tuesday, February 27
Helping Children and Youth Who are Grieving
Presentation by Carrie Arnold, King's University College

Monday, March 5
Grief After Suicide
Presentation by Rebecca Machado, Executive Director, Daya Counselling Centre

Tuesday, March 13
Creativity as a Way to Live With, and Grow from Grief
Presentation by Wanda Sawicki, Art Therapist, King's University College

Please register with Jan from Riverside United at: